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Worth Following

“Worth Following.”The thought may be going through your mind, “What do I do now?” I’ve given my life to Jesus. I’m going to heaven. So, what’s next? Do I just sit around waiting to die? Far from it! In fact, the real journey has just begun. The disciples discovered that. Take a look at what Jesus told them.The verses in today’s reading are a call to give up doing what we want with our lives and to start following God’s direction. Believe it or not, God has great interest in what happens in your life. God wants you to follow His leadership because His way will give you the greatest joy and the greatest meaning in our life.What does God’s leadership look like? It is different for each believer. God will call you to do things that are in line with your gifts and talents. He will use you out on the edge where failure is close and only He can keep you going. That is what happens when you follow Jesus.Take a few minutes and ask God to reveal His direction for your life and for today. Ask Him to use you wherever and whenever. When God guides you, be ready to act.Remember to make time to memorize Luke 9:23 this week.

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