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With Us

“Then Haggai, the messenger of the LORD, spoke to the people with the LORD’s message, ‘I am with you, declares the LORD.’” – Haggai 1:13 ESV

God had been critical of His people, particularly for having the wrong priorities. While His house was in ruins, they were dwelling in paneled houses. He urged them to realize the implications of their actions, consider their ways, and realize why they had not been experiencing His blessings. They needed to change and place Him first.

Through this exchange, they heard His voice. It must have been a terrifying experience for “the people feared the LORD” (v. 12). Many must have cowered in fear.

But the Lord sought to assure them of His love and compassion. They might have made mistakes, but He wanted them to know that He was still with them. He did not want them to be paralyzed with fear but to realize His goals were reconciliation, forgiveness, and blessing.

He did not want them immobile from mistakes of the past but secure in the knowledge that He was with them as they moved into the future. He wanted to correct their mistakes, so they could experience more of His blessings. He wanted them to have the right priorities.

The Bible reminds us of the prophecies that Jesus’ name would be “God with us” (Matthew 1:23). Remember, He is with you. He may need to correct you when you fall short, reprimand you when you make mistakes, or teach you when you have wrong ideas. But, through every situation, He loves you, and He is with you.

Reflection Question: Where are your priorities? Do you need to make some adjustments?


Dear Lord Jesus, thank You for being with me. Thank You for Your presence. Thank You for Your peace. Speak to me. In Your name, amen.

Today's Bible Reading

Haggai 1

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