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Who Doesn’t Like a Gift?”

“Who Doesn’t Like a Gift?”

Do you like presents? You know…the surprises that you don’t expect that fulfill your hopes, dreams and leave you breathless! Everyone loves the thrill of receiving gifts, especially big gifts. Well, God is a gift-giver as well. Have you discovered yours yet?

“What gift?” you may be saying. Well, each person who trusts in Christ is given a gift, or gifts, that are used to spread the message of Jesus to other people and to help Christians learn more about Jesus. Take a look at today’s reading to see what it looks like.

Out of the gifts listed in the reading for today… which one do you think you might have? Tap here (Discover Your Spiritual Gifts) to take a spiritual gifts inventory to find out and for a description of each gift. Then, talk to your mentor during your meeting time this week. Ask how your gift could benefit your church.

Take a few minutes and thank God for gifting you. Thank Him for trusting you to build His kingdom on earth. Ask God to show you your gift, so you can use it in service to Christ.

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