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Welcome to your new life!“

“Welcome to your new life!“

Did you catch that? You are a new creation! Does that sound weird? Believe it or not you are a different person because of Jesus. Now, you may be thinking, “How can they know me? How can they know if I’m different?" OK, you may be right. But, if you’re reading this, it is because you just trusted Jesus and are looking for a way to help you understand the decision you made. (By the way, it was a good decision!)

In Christ you are made new. But, why are you new? Let’s talk about this new you. The old life you lived is dead! You are now someone who knows God. Isn’t that awesome! Now what does that mean?

First, it means there are changes coming to your life, and they are going to be good changes. Stop and think for a minute, what did you hate about your old life? Were you angry or depressed? Were you violent? Maybe everyone took advantage of you or you were the person no one liked? Like everyone else, you are a person with a past. God set you free from that past. In fact, it is the old that has gone. You are new because you began a relationship with Jesus!

Second, there are lots of other people who need to know about Jesus just like you did. As you begin to live your new life, be on the lookout for those people. As your life changes, people will notice, and you will get to tell them why and how Jesus changed your life.

So, what are you leaving behind in your old life? Take a few minutes to release those things to God. Tell Him “thank you” for setting you free to live a new life and ask Him to give you opportunities to tell other people about Jesus.

BTW, welcome to your new life!

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