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We cannot always be certain

We cannot always be certain of what is going to happen. There is no telling what the future will bring to anyone. We can make educated guesses. We can make assumptions. We can try to notice patterns and figure it out, but no one knows what tomorrow will bring. All we have is today.

And today is enough.

You have survived every bad day so far. Every circumstance and setback. You are undefeated. You’ve seen seemingly insurmountable situations before, and you have faced terrifying opponents who seemed to have the advantage, and yet you have come out the victor.

In times of uncertainty, we choose to be certain.

We have certainty not in our circumstances and situations but in our God, who provides for and protects us.

Certainty – Firm conviction that something is the case. The quality of being reliably true. A fact that is definitely true or an event that is definitely going to take place.

Uncertainty – The state of being uncertain. Something that is uncertain or that causes one to feel uncertain.

Uncertainty says, “I don’t know what my future holds.”

Certainty says, “I know who holds my future!”

To be without Christ is to be without peace. To be uncertain. Every person has a conscience within them, which must be satisfied before they can truly be happy. There is only one thing that can give peace to the conscience, and that is being in the right relationship with God.

Fight for what matters most to you. Fight for your faith. Fight for your family. Fight for your life. Don’t allow negativity and uncertainty to take up room in your mind. God is STILL in the blessing business.

It’s time that we evict uncertainty and make way for certainty. Negativity has overstayed it’s welcome and positivity is moving back in!

We need to introduce an uncertain world to a certain Jesus.

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