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Waiting on purpose



David was anointed king between the ages of 16-19, but he was 30 before he was officially able to reign over Israel. Between the age of 23 and 30, David dealt with the wrath of king Saul and many other hardships, but he remained faithful and waited on the purpose that God promised him.

In the kingdom of God, we don’t always get what we want, and not when we want it. Waiting is an essential part of the life we are called to as we mature in Christ. Waiting prepares us for purpose, strengthens our faith, and teaches us perseverance.

God knew as King, David would need certain skills, perseverance, and knowledge to lead effectively. I believe God imparted much of what David would need as king in him during those years.

You will likely need to be prepared for the purpose assigned to your life. While you may feel prepared to walk into your calling, God knows what your calling entails, so put your faith in Him. When you feel God has called you to something but don't understand why your time hasn’t come yet, remember that He may be training you just like He did David. Be obedient, faithful, patient, and be found diligent before purpose. God always has a better plan than we have; pray today that your heart is surrendered to that plan and His perfect Will.

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