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Trust in the Christ

As chair of a mission society in Sweden, Otto Ottander was responsible for its monthly publication. In this position, he had the opportunity to read stories from his homeland and elsewhere.
He particularly was impacted by a story in an American newspaper about a brother and sister. They were caught in a narrow railroad tunnel through a mountain as two trains were about to meet. The girl hastily guided her brother to an indentation in the wall and cried out, “Keep close to the rock.” The trains rushed by, and the children were unharmed.
Ottander realized this provided a picture of how believers can trust God for safety and deliverance. He developed this story into a hymn, appropriately called, “Trust in the Savior, O Precious Soul.”
Drawing on the image of those children, Ottander described how we might be threatened with many kinds of danger but can be safe by trusting Jesus.
We can bring Him our anguish, fears, and sorrows, and confess our sins, confident that He will give peace and release.
We may experience troubles on earth but need to remember that our lives here soon will be over, and “Jesus will guide us to Heaven’s shore.” He calls us to trust Him in any situation, confident He will hear us and bring us to safety.
Today, in whatever situations you face, remember that you can call on Jesus. Trust in Him.
Reflection Question: When has God physically protected you from harm?

Dear Lord Jesus, thank You for Your protection. I trust in You. In Your name, amen.

Today's Bible Reading

2 Samuel 22

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