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He's the only one u can trust!


I live in Oklahoma where the weather can change dramatically and very quickly. One year in March, we had the most beautiful sunny spring day and a high of 83 degrees. The very next day it snowed three inches. As dramatic as that change was, it’s nothing compared to tornado season. Storms seem to swirl up out of nowhere.

Just like they do in our lives.

I talked to a woman at my son’s soccer game recently who’s been battling some health issues. She explained how she was close to God years ago and used to be very involved in our church. But when she started going through some very real trials, she questioned why God would allow it. She fought back tears as she said, “How can I worship a God I can’t trust?”

Will we trust that God is good even when life is not?

This woman’s question hits at the heart of one of life’s biggest decisions. Will we trust that God is good even when life is not? Our response to pain and challenges determines so much about our future.

By its very nature, faith requires trust in something—or in someone—that’s not always predictable or understandable by human standards. If we’re honest, most of us want irrefutable proof of God’s benevolent presence in our lives.

This isn’t new. Remember doubting Thomas? After Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead, Thomas said he wouldn’t believe it unless he saw proof. Instead of getting mad and casting him aside for his lack of faith, Jesus graciously showed Thomas His nail-pierced hands.

And remember the disciples in the storm? A furious squall came up, and the waves broke over the boat, so that it was nearly swamped. Mark 4:37 NIV. In the midst of the storm, the disciples were not alone. Mark reminds us in the next verse that Jesus was in the stern of the boat sleeping.

With Jesus in your boat, the storms may still rock you, but you won’t sink.

People like you and me, the woman at the soccer game, Thomas, and the disciples tend to think we wouldn’t be going through a storm if God were really with us. But that’s not it. With Jesus is in your boat, the storms may still rock you, but you won’t sink. He’s with you, both in a spring shower and in the worst tornado imaginable.

Not only is He with you, He’s for you. And if He’s for you, who can be against you? Trust God with whatever you’ve been holding back. Trust Him with your future spouse. Trust Him with your children. Trust Him with your career. Trust Him with your health. Trust Him with your finances.

Trust Him without reservation.


Pray: Heavenly Father, I trust You with what I’ll start and stop. I trust You with where I’ll stay and go. I trust You enough to give my life to serve and connect to people. And I trust You are present with purpose in the midst of my life’s storms. Thank You for being with me, guiding my steps, and giving me divine direction. Amen.

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