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They went far from Me and walked after emptiness

They went far from Me and walked after emptiness and became empty. […] The prophets … walked after things that were of no benefit. […] My people have changed their glory for that which is of no benefit.” – Jeremiah 2:5, 8, 11 NASB


God sees everything clearly – our lives and the world. He sees everything from the perspective of eternity. He knows the outcome of every situation and the conclusion of every story. We constantly make decisions based on our limited understanding. But in truth, we often don’t know what is best.

Meanwhile, God offers to help us make the right decisions, be successful, and avoid problems. Yet, despite His promises, we might not seek Him or ask for His help. We can forget Him or ignore His Word. We might go our own way or follow ideas that seem popular.

While this goes on, God watches. He knows how often we might seek things that sound inviting but that do not profit. He wants our lives to be fruitful and to invest our time and resources in things that last. He also wants us to realize how easily we can lack perspective or make decisions that seem right at the time, but that leads us astray.

We can marvel that the people in Jeremiah’s time could seem so foolish. But we can be just as foolish and make the same kinds of mistakes.

What is the answer? Be committed to serving God. Seek first His Kingdom. Know His Word, and apply it in every area of our lives. Humble yourself before Him, and seek His wisdom. Be people of prayer, surrendered to the lordship of Jesus.

Reflection Question: How has God redeemed some poor decisions you’ve made?

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