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The Understanding of the Holy Spirit

The Understanding of the Holy Spirit

One of the great wonders of receiving the Holy Spirit is the sense of understanding and perspective it brings. In Ephesians, Paul refers to the Holy Spirit as the “Spirit of wisdom and revelation." It is so important that we aren’t trying to understand God simply from a human point of view. His ways are above our ways—His thoughts above ours. We need His Spirit to help us see from His perspective.

I remember very clearly as a 16-year-old, when I first encountered the Holy Spirit; one of the first things that I noticed was how much more I was receiving from reading the Bible. It was as if it had suddenly been decoded or translated from a foreign language.

Later on in Ephesians, Paul refers to the word of God as the “sword of the Spirit," and the Apostle Peter says the writers of the scriptures were “carried along by the Holy Spirit,”  so we see clearly the synergy between the word of God and the Spirit of God. They are impossible to separate and are most effective when working together in our lives.

What things within your faith and the scriptures have you struggled to understand and need to ask the Holy Spirit to help you with?

Prayer: Thank you, Holy Spirit, for being with me and opening my heart and mind to your truth. I surrender to you today all the thoughts and questions that I am wrestling with. I ask that you help me to have the mind of Christ and see from your perspective. Amen.