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The secret place


He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. PSALM 91:1

What is the secret of a truly satisfying life? What is the secret of enjoying our Eternal God? It is to know He is our dwelling place. We are to dwell there, abide there, and live purposely in His Presence. It’s not so much where I dwell physically, but it’s with Whom I dwell daily. It is in Him I will trust and rest and find my peace and joy.

In just this one verse above, we find two names of God. He is the “Most High,” or in the Hebrew “El Elyon.” He is God Most High, far above all other gods that people create. He is superior, and none compare to Him. He is the “Almighty,” or in the Hebrew “El Shaddai.” He is Almighty, and not one thing escapes His notice. He is all-powerful!

He is a place of safety for His people as we discover all of the wonderful ways He loves, cares, and protects us. Abide in Him. Dwell. Live in His Presence.

From Eternal God, Our Dwelling Place, Psalm 90-91

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