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The Premise of the Holy Spirit

The Premise of the Holy Spirit

Here some of Jesus’s final words are being recounted. He gave his disciples a strict instruction that seems to carry a deep sense of importance, gravity, and weight. He is basically saying, “Don’t do anything! Don’t move a muscle, don’t make plans, don’t wander off, just wait … until the Holy Spirit comes.” Jesus knew his disciples couldn’t fulfill their calling and commission in their own strength. This is such a critical moment for the disciples, and it is equally a critical moment in each of our lives as disciples of Christ.

We live such busy lives and often at a pace that doesn’t wait for the Holy Spirit; therefore, we end up struggling and striving in our own strength. This is truly one of the greatest lessons we can learn in every moment: to give space for the Holy Spirit to get in the middle.

When was the last time you stopped, stilled your heart, and waited on God?

Prayer: Father, we thank you that you are faithful to your promise and that as we wait on you, you fill us and empower us with your strength, your energy and your power by the Holy Spirit. Forgive us for rushing and not giving space for you. We fix our eyes on you today. Amen.