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The Hope of the Holy Spirit

The Hope of the Holy Spirit

One of the amazing benefits of being filled with the Holy Spirit is the hope that overflows from Him. There’s a sense of childlike innocence and wonder that captures us, an unexplainable assurance that all things will work together for good. It is this hope residing within us that can become our greatest tool to impact the world around us. I’ve found that hope overflows and bubbles up; it can’t be contained or kept down. It is something that spills out in our words, our actions, our lives. As we put our trust in the God of all hope, He fills us with peace and joy, and a kind of spiritual chemical reaction takes place when those two things combine—a heavenly hope erupts from within us! It is this hope, not birthed in mere positive thinking or wishful imaginings, but by the Holy Spirit, that is the most contagious substance in the world, and something our world right now is desperately crying out for.

Are you overflowing or do you feel like you’re running on empty?

Prayer: Lord, today I affirm my trust in and dependence on you. I thank you that you are the God of all hope and have promised to make all things work together for the good of those who love you. Fill me again with your peace and joy as I put my trust in you. Amen.  

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