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The Fruit of the Holy Spirit

The Fruit of the Holy Spirit

Throughout scripture there is a common theme and metaphor used to depict believers: that of a tree. In both the New and Old Testaments, we see this picture as a way of expressing the health of our lives and, in turn, the effect that health has on the fruit our lives produce. 

In Galatians, Paul continues with this picture by outlining the nine different fruits that are produced in a life that lives with the Holy Spirit. This helps us see in greater detail the essence of Christ’s character and nature. Probably the biggest lesson for us in this picture is that fruit is not something we overtly try to produce; fruit is simply the by-product of a healthy tree. 

As believers, our primary goal isn’t to try to be good people as much as it is to be spiritually healthy people, having roots under the surface that are firmly planted in God’s grace and truth, and in his house.

How is the root system of your life?

Prayer: Father, I thank You that it’s You who makes us healthy. Thank You for providing such a rich soil of grace and truth for us to plant our lives into. Help me to remain planted in You and produce fruit that represents You. Amen.