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What happens when your “still place” isn’t peaceful? What happens when you’re stuck in an unpleasant place? Whether it’s a bad marriage, an unpleasant job, an unwanted friendship, trouble with children, or a church family gone wrong. These are all trials we go through and trials God may have us remain in.

Many of us experience trials, and we want to escape them immediately. Well, God doesn’t always permit us to do so. Even in trials we don’t have the authority to exit. We have to pray and wait on God to answer us with direction. When God doesn’t answer, this isn’t our permission to leave.

We all hate to be uncomfortable and think God should rescue us at the first site of discomfort. We like to think God isn’t in those discomforting places, but that’s the best place to find Him. I have had my closest moments with God when I was stuck in an uncomfortable still place, seeking God wholeheartedly. Yes, we could abort a trial by leaving the Church, the relationship, or the job, but if we do, we may miss the tool we need for our purpose ahead.

If God has spoken promise into your life, remember there are tools you will need to carry out that promise. If you are patient in trials and tribulations, you will come out whole on the other side. Allow God to instill in you the tools needed to fulfill your promise. Stay in the still until God directs you out. If you are in an uncomfortable place waiting on God’s direction, continue to pray and be faithful to God, trusting He will pull you through in His timing.

As we conclude this plan, no matter what “still place” God has you in, vow to sit and wait on His voice. Do not be anxious, do not fall prey to a voice that is not His, and do not lean to your understanding, for, in due time, He will speak.

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