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In the Old Testament, we see Saul take matters into his own hands after he doesn’t receive a visit from Samuel in the allotted time given. Instead of waiting on God, Saul disobeys God and forfeits his entire Kingdom.

God’s direction can be difficult because sometimes it seems he has left us on our own. However, these are usually times he is testing obedience and faithfulness. As we seek and wait on God’s voice, we should learn to sit still at our crossroads, going neither left nor right, until God speaks direction. As we see with Saul, this is so critical! Moving without God’s direction can forfeit our promise. It can also cause us to waste years of our life wandering outside of purpose.

Saul was a leader, and many depended on his direction; his mistake would also mislead many. Being under the pressure of peers and others speaking into our lives can also cause our misdirection. This can even cause us to miss God if He is speaking or cause us to move without hearing God.

I believe God wants us to live a premium life, and He sends promises to our lives to ensure we live a life He intended, a life that touches others and blesses us. But when we follow our directions or the directions of others, we forfeit what God has for us.

Yes, there will be moments when we can’t hear God or get an immediate answer from God, but don’t forfeit your destiny by following your directions or the directions of others. Prove yourself to be faithful, a sheep that will only follow his shepherd’s voice. If you are waiting on God’s promise and the noise around you is too loud, find a “still place” to wait, a place where God can speak when He is ready. Make a vow to God today not to move until you hear His voice.

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