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Safety and provision


The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. PSALM 23:1

The Bible reveals our Lord as Creator. He is also called our provider, our comforter, our healer, our fortress, and our peace. That the Lord is our Shepherd sums all of these up well! It is a title indicating a very personal and intimate relationship between Shepherd and sheep. His care meets our needs.

Sheep are not trusting by nature, but every experience with the Shepherd bonds the sheep to Him. Learning more about our Shepherd goes beyond the impersonal information we cram into our heads about Him. We get to know Him as a person. We follow Him because we learn He is worthy and proves Himself repeatedly, gaining our trust daily. We learn He is not a hard-driving master but tender and caring, leading us to safety and provision. Though we may not understand His ways, and He does not respond to all our bleating, we discover He is very in tune with His flock’s state.

Lord, help us quiet ourselves so we may perceive Your Presence. Lord, open our eyes and ears to Your leading and call that we may not stubbornly resist You. We indeed will lack no good thing as you are the Good Shepherd.

From The Lord Is My Shepherd, Psalm 23