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You may not remember the old Nintendo Entertainment System, but one of the best parts about the NES was the little button to the right of the power button. It was called the “RESET” button. If you got stuck and couldn’t get out of the game, you could reach down and hit “reset” and BOOM you were right back at the beginning.

That button is remarkably like your life. When you asked Jesus into your heart, you hit the RESET button in your soul. You got the once in a lifetime opportunity to begin again. Don’t believe me?

The Bible speaks of the “new self” when we find life in Jesus. There is a RESET button! Your old life has been erased. God no longer remembers your sins, failures, or past. All of that junk was put on Jesus, and you get to begin again.

So, what does that mean for today? It means you can get rid of the guilt of your past. It means you can leave your house today knowing that the God of the universe no longer remembers your past or counts it against you. You are free!

Take a few minutes to read through today’s passage a few times. Take some time to pray. Thank God for setting you free from your past. Thank Him for sending Jesus to take all your sin. Ask God to give you the strength to begin again. RESET!

Ephesians 4:22-24

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