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Remember to pray

In the previous days of this plan we presented two methods that can improve our prayer lives: 1) maintain a ‘praylist’ to help remember who to pray for, and 2) remind ourselves to pray quick 'flash prayers' throughout the day as the Bible tells us to do. Prayer can be a way of living every moment of our lives, an attitude towards every situation in life ‒big or small‒ a mindset that is always focused on God, where we can react with prayer, respond in prayer and live in prayer.

A simple solution of keeping a praylist of who or what to pray and give thanks for, is to just write it down anywhere, be it a piece of paper or a digital device. Also, one very practical and efficient way to get reminded to pray during the day is to set alarms on our phones. Every time the alarm rings, we can take a ‘God-pause’ and re-focus on the Lord with a brief 'flash prayer', even for just a few seconds.

To aid in this, we have developed a simple app that combines both the ability to maintain a praylist as well as the ability to set alerts that will remind you to pray during the day for the items in your praylist. It’s a simple idea that has helped us and many others transform our approach towards prayer and make it a habit to pray continually.

Get the Prayminder app 

We hope and pray that this plan will inspire you to pray more!

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