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Pinpoint understanding

He said to her, ‘Go, call your husband and come here.’” – John 4:16 NASB

Jesus started His conversation with a woman from Samaria by requesting, “Give me a drink” (v. 7). Gradually, He turned the conversation toward spiritual applications, describing the unique water only He could provide.

Intrigued, she said, “Sir, give me this water, so that I will not be thirsty, nor come all the way here to draw water” (v. 15). He responded, asking her to bring her husband to Him. This seems like a casual remark, but this precisely pinpointed a key problem in her life.

She responded, “I have no husband.” But Jesus knew that she had had five husbands, “and the one whom you now have is not your husband” (vs. 17-18).

This was not what the woman expected to hear, but it was the response she needed. The result of this dialogue was life-changing for this woman and the Samaritans who came to see Jesus because of her testimony.

We need to remember how well Jesus knows us and how perfectly the Spirit illuminates every thought and emotion. He sees every action, even those done behind closed doors. He knows habits, thoughts, and words that need correction, as well as issues we might have denied or even forgotten about.

Jesus knows you inside and out. Let Him show you how you need to change. Surrender your life to Him. Let Him shape and mold you, so you can receive more of His bounty and blessings.

Reflection Question: Write a prayer confessing your sins and asking God to search your heart.


Dear Lord Jesus, I realize that You know everything about me. Reveal anything that needs to change. I surrender my life to You. In Your name, amen.

Today's Bible Reading

John 4

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