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Hope Is Persevering

Mary and Joseph’s 70-mile hike from Galilee to Bethlehem took them down rocky and uneven roads. The journey would have been tiring for young man in peak physical condition, much less a pregnant woman.

Mary likely experienced moments when she wanted to quit. But she believed God would be faithful, so when the road was tough and the birthing conditions were less than ideal, she could hold onto the promise that her baby was going to grow into the man who would save the world.

When our hope in God’s promises determines our actions, faith grows. Hebrews 11:1 describes faith as “confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” By putting confidence in what they hoped for, not how they felt or what they could see, Mary and Joseph persevered.

At times, we feel the uncertainty of uneven, rocky roads. We may even feel like we’re on a journey that seems impossible. Hope is what allows us to persevere through the fear and the pain. And hope is more powerful than any uphill journey we face today.


Jesus, thank you for giving me hope in difficult circumstances. I want that for my friends and family as well. Help ____________ to believe your promises even though life’s circumstances seem uncertain.


Are you up against difficulties financially, relationally, or spiritually? What’s one area of your life where you need help to persevere? Think about what you’re facing and how you feel about the challenges ahead.