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New song

Johann Steuerlein played a vital role in local politics in central Germany, but his greatest impact came as a composer. Unusual for his time, Steuerlein focused on writing biblically based songs. He is said to have converted the entire Bible into songs.
Facing the beginning of a new year and writing out of his personal life, he wrote a particularly appropriate hymn, “With This New Year We Raise New Songs.” Believers could praise the Lord for His support when they faced difficulties, and Jesus, the Prince of Peace, would help His people serve Him.
Knowing the pressures we face, Steuerlein prayed that we would remember the truth that God would “keep from us superstitious fears” and banish false doctrine. He prayed God would “guard us against all sin” and renew us from within so that we would realize His mercy knows no end and we could depend on His forgiveness.
Steuerlein prayed that God would help His people lead holy lives, remembering that the day will come when He will wipe away all tears. Until that day, he prayed that He would help us maintain “our faith and love, till we behold Thy face above.”
As you prepare to end one year and begin another, ask God for His perspective on your past. He can give you discernment as you enter a new year. All the while, boldly sing songs of joy and trust Him.
Reflection Question: In which areas of your life do you need discernment in the coming year?

Father, thank You for all Your blessings of the past. Grant me Your peace, favor, and wisdom in the coming year. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Today's Bible Reading

Psalm 33

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