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Never be too busy for time with God

We’re a culture that glorifies busy. It’s a mantle we wear with pride. When someone asks us how we’re doing, we respond with a “I’m good, but crazy busy.”

We seem to derive our value from asserting that we’re just so much busier than the next person. Our over packed, overwhelmed schedules actually give us a sense of pride, even a sense of identity.

When the fast food chain Chick Fil A decided that it would stay closed on Sundays, everyone was shocked. Sunday was the day that fast food restaurants made the most money. Today, the company generates more revenue per restaurant than any other fast-food chain in the US, and it's only open six days a week.

God honors us when we honor Him with our time.

If you and I are too busy for prayer, then we are simply too busy. If we are too busy to read the Bible, then we are simply too busy.

Maybe you and I should reorder our priorities so we make time for the things that are important and not merely what’s urgent.

Lean In

Gracious God, I marvel at the fact that You’re never too busy for me. Scripture says that Your ear is inclined toward me. Help me realize that being too busy to spend time with You actually depletes me and drains me of life and energy. Help me, Father, to always prioritize time with you. Amen

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