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My Parents Aren’t Followers

“My Parents Aren’t Followers”

This may be true of you (If not, maybe you can apply this to your friends or other family members). Many students, and adults, today are the only believer in their family. Maybe your family even supports your decision to follow Christ, but they themselves will not place faith in Jesus. Your parents, and family, may be hostile towards the idea of your faith or towards you as a believer.

It can be really tough to be a Christian in a family that does not know Jesus. Do you want to know how to survive?

Now you may say, “Obey? Honor? How do I do that when they don’t even know God!?!” It isn’t easy. Being a child who believes in Christ and in a family of unbelievers is tough. Your parents are watching your every move. They want to see if you will live what you say you believe. They want to know if you are authentic. It’s going to be tough sometimes, but God’s commands do not change, no matter our circumstances.

Here are some thoughts that might help you if you are in that boat: Take their criticism in silence. Pray for your parents every day. Be a servant to your parents. Be the best son or daughter you can be. Obey your parents. Submit to their discipline whether you agree or not. By the way, it can be tough.

Look, you may be the main person helping your family understand Jesus. God may have saved you to reach your parents. Trust God. He will not put you in a situation you cannot endure. Ask your accountability partner to keep watch over your relationship with your parents.

If your parents are Christians, then you still must live out your faith in front of them. Seek to honor and serve them as well. Talk to them about what God is teaching you. Pray for them and with them.

Take some time today to pray for your parents. Thank God that He chose to give you the parents you have. Pray, asking God to show you how to best serve those around you who do not believe in Jesus.

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