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Man's lack of wisdom

In today’s reading, you peek into the kitchen to see Martha getting increasingly bothered as she singlehandedly plays host. You can almost hear the pots and pans clanging as her frustration builds. She finally invites Jesus into this pity party that she’s throwing and asks, “Lord, don’t you care…?”

Have you, like Martha, thought to yourself: I’m doing all the work here and no one even cares. 

As a mom, I know I have. In fact, that seems to be the mantra of mommyhood. No one cares that you made dinner and set the table and cleared the dishes. No one is going to give you a certificate for picking up clothes that are sitting right next to the laundry basket and not in the laundry basket. You don’t get an award for wiping noses and bottoms and counters and toilet seats.

Maybe your story is different and you feel “invisible” in a different context. Perhaps, it’s at work or in a relationship.

But God sees. He sees what you do quietly. When no one is watching. When no one gives you the credit. 

The Bible says clearly that we are the apple of his eye. That we are His children, the sheep of His pasture. He numbers the very hairs on our head.

Martha didn’t need to earn God’s attention. She already had it simply because of the grace of God.

You do too. He sees, He knows and He cares. Rest in that grace today. 

Lean In

Father God, Your word assures us that You see us. You perceive our thoughts from afar. How intimately you know us – and yet, amazingly, you love us, warts and all. Even if the world doesn’t recognize our work, we can rest in the knowledge that all our work is worship unto You. Amen

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