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Love in action

Love in action

“My children, love must not be a matter of words or talk; it must be genuine, and show itself in action.  This is how we may know that we belong to the realm of truth”  (1 John 3:18-19, NEB.)

Caring for the poor and oppressed is an essential and inescapable element of the gospel.  It was the witness of the Early Church and indeed the Church throughout the last 2000 years. Historically, the body of Christ has flourished during seasons of sacrificial service to “the least of these.”  

We believe it’s part of God’s design for believers to care for the poor because it is God’s heart to serve those who cannot repay us.  When believers operate with love that requires nothing in return, it brings about the witness of Christ at the cross.  In God's economy, truly self-denying love is an attractive love.  As Jesus said: “Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.”  

By our good works, especially our care for those in need, our community sees a picture of the love of God and creates an opportunity for the Spirit to move.  In every community, there is no shortage of opportunity to mobilize believers to be the first responders to the pain and brokenness that surrounds us.  Each region must ask, "Where and what is the pain where we can mobilize the Body of Christ, to provide love and healing too?"  Love is our secret sauce!

Love revives a tired world.

Where and what is the pain that you can provide love and healing to?

How can you put your love into action?

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