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Living water


Therefore with joy you will draw water From the wells of salvation. ISAIAH 12:3

We can spend our entire lives trying to quench the thirst within, but we never seem to get there. Like the song, “I can’t get no, satisfaction...and I tried, and I tried...” How do you satisfy the eternal heart and mind of one made in God’s image with temporal things? What in this world made of dust can quench that spiritual thirst inside of us?

Solomon the wise, who was far more prosperous than any person in history, said, “The eye is not satisfied with seeing, Nor the ear filled with hearing,” in Ecclesiastes 1:8. He also reminded us, “All is vanity!

We dwell in the world of vain hopes, tortured by the demons of “if only!” Oh, if only I had that job, that income, that spouse, that position— then I’d be perfectly happy! That empty hope drives many to keep chasing what they wrongly trust will satisfy. Unfortunately, many discover that this life’s stuff is meaningless only after they have devoted their entire lives to worldly pursuits. It will never be enough!

Get your eyes on things that are eternal because that is enough! Draw from the wells of salvation. Draw from that rich experience the Lord can give you through Him and in knowing Him!

From The Coming Reign, Isaiah 11-12

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