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Learn from the past

The future presents many mysteries. We wonder what is to come, with an attitude shaped by our worldview and personality as well as our spiritual condition and relationship with God.
In some ways we can anticipate coming days with excitement, looking forward to the possibilities—the opportunities that are unfolding and the trends we find encouraging. In other ways, the future can seem frightening. The prospects can seem uncertain. With so many unknowns, we can find ourselves perplexed, asking questions, or worried about conditions we find troubling.
As we think about the future, the Bible gives us an important insight that can give us perspective: Remembering the past can help us approach the future.
The Bible reminds us that God looks at our lives from an eternal perspective. He sees patterns that unfold generation after generation. He sees young people repeating mistakes made by older generations. He sees what happens when people don’t listen to Him and when they apply His principles and learn from the past.
We see why it is so important to not only know the Bible, but also to be sensitive to the lessons from the past.
As you begin a new year, seek to remember the lessons of the past. Renew your confidence in God. Ask Him to give you understanding. Commit to studying His Word, applying His principles, approaching the future with humility, and seeking God’s wisdom and insights.
Reflection Question: What new opportunities are you looking forward to this coming year?

Father, I commit the new year to You. Guide me. Direct my steps. I trust in You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Today's Bible Reading

Ecclesiastes 1

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