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In the digital age

In the digital age, information is provided to us faster than ever.

You can Google anything you’d like, and you could read about that topic for weeks. With the click of your mouse, or the tap of your finger, you can learn all that you need to know about anything. While this should be a positive aspect of the time we live in, it isn’t always. With an abundance of information comes an abundance of misinformation. News that has been so sensationalized that we can no longer tell what’s real and what isn’t.

The line between fact and opinion has been blurred by journalists and news stations who aren’t seeking the truth like you and I.

They’re seeking ratings.

When people are fearful, they will turn on the news. They want to either be comforted or informed on that which they are afraid of. Yet, too often do we take the word of man for fact. We read and listen and assume that whatever has been written or told to us is real, never thinking that the sources we are checking may also be misinformed.

The only TRUTH that we know is that Jesus Christ died for our sins. The only truth that we know has been fact-checked, cited, and sourced, is that God will be there for the start and the finish. For the open and the close. He is the author and the editor, and his word is final. There is nothing to sensationalize. There is no truth which God has not yet uncovered.

I’m not telling you to stop reading the news. To stop trusting those around you. What I am telling you is that regardless of what has been written, regardless of what has been reported, God already knows. God’s plans for you do not change because of the actions of men. God’s plans are unwavering, and not contingent on what is going on around us.

In times of uncertainty, God is certain. While our plans may fall through and change, the plan that the Lord has in store for us will be carried out.

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