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In his will



Many of us think everything should work out smoothly if we are doing God’s Will. God never promises us a smooth road. He does, however, promise to be with us and keep us inside His Will. As we travel along God’s path, many of us are put off by opposition because we expect God to work everything out to our liking. At the first sign of discomfort, we begin to doubt God’s voice and His Will for our lives.

Sometimes we experience discomfort and inconveniences because we moved out of timing, and other times they simply are a part of God’s will. When we obey God’s voice, these minor roadblocks teach and strengthen us while we are in the safest place we can be; God’s will.

If we look at one of the Bible’s best accounts of being in God’s Will, we look at Joseph and Mary’s journey to deliver God’s very son into this world. As they searched for a place to birth God’s son, they must have prayed and asked God to lead them and give them a special place for Jesus’s birth. When their prayer seems unanswered, I wonder if they felt God had abandoned them inside of the promise He had given them. They may have begun to doubt God’s promise for a moment; many of us would have. Even so, Joseph and Mary continued in faith; they did not leave the plan just because it didn’t look like the promise they had received.

If you are walking in what feels like God’s unconventional way of delivering purpose into your life, keep praying and trusting God, even in the “still places.” Don’t give up or doubt God’s purpose in your life because it’s unfolding in His will, not yours. Pray today about your “still place,” vow to move in God’s Will and His Will only.

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