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Hope is risky

Hope Is Risky

Joseph finds out his fiancée, Mary, is pregnant—and not by him. He plans to call off the wedding instead of having Mary killed, which would have been allowed under Jewish law. But an angel of the Lord appears, bringing hope for Joseph’s upcoming marriage. The angel tells Joseph not to be afraid to marry Mary, since her child is the Son of God.

Marrying Mary would damage Joseph’s reputation. Putting his hope in God meant Joseph would have to take a risk and give God his trust. The same is true for us. Sometimes, putting our hope in Jesus seems to come at great personal cost.

What we’re willing to take risks for reveals who we are. Are we willing to take a risk and apply for the job we feel called to do, even though it doesn’t make sense on paper? Will we take a risk this Christmas season and talk to a family member about Jesus? Every risk we take shows what we value most.

If we’re serious about putting Jesus first in our lives, we are going to have to take risks. But we can have hope, knowing the risk we take will be worth the reward.

God will never call us to take a risk He doesn’t intend to use for our good. Joseph risked his reputation. In return, he had the privilege of being the earthly father of Jesus and his character—the very thing people questioned during his lifetime—is celebrated in the Bible and became an example for generations to come.


Jesus, show me how to put You first in my life today. And in doing so, help me to put my hope in You and You alone.


When was the last time you took a big risk? What did that decision reveal about what you view as most important?

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