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His burden is light

Jesus responds to Martha’s little outburst with gentle, measured, wise words. 

Let’s note firstly what Jesus doesn’t say. He doesn’t dismiss Martha’s work as being wrong. Hospitality is important. Jesus and his disciples had just been on a long trip. They needed to be fed – and Martha was doing just that.

To all those “get it done” people who thrive on checking off their to-do lists, God loves you and loves your work ethic. He wants you to work hard and do whatever you do with excellence and for His glory. It’s only when we become consumed with “doing it all” and want all the credit that God becomes a useful add-on rather than the core of our lives.

When Martha asks him, “Lord don’t you care?” Jesus doesn’t respond by saying, “Of course I do. Mary, go help your sister out.”

Instead, in essence, Jesus responds by saying, “Come to me; sit at my feet.”

When we doubt whether He cares, the solution is very simple: go to Him. Spend time with Him. Shut out everything else and turn your eyes upon Jesus. He wants to carry our burdens for us. The invitation is always open. 

Lean In

Heavenly Father, Thank You for the open door of prayer always set before me. Thank You for the invitation to lay my burdens at Your feet. Help me to always remember and value that invitation. I don’t have to do this on my own. What a relief! What a friend we have in Jesus! Amen

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