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And He said, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” EXODUS 33:14

Exodus 33 is a remarkable chapter. The Israelites heard God would send an angel before them on the wilderness journey, but God Himself would not go with them due to their sin. At hearing this distressing news, Moses interceded, “If you do not go with us, do not send me.” His only concern was that God’s Glory and Presence would be with them. The essential answer to having an understanding of revival in our lives is to have a concern for God’s Presence and Glory.

The idea of the Presence of God and the Glory of God are almost synonymous. “Glory” in Hebrew is an interesting word. “Kabad” means “weight” or “substance.” The world with all its beauty and power is merely a shadow of truth. God is glorious, weighty, and of real substance! Ironically, Israel (and us) ascribed more weight to their idols. If deprived of God’s Presence, they would have been subject to the world's futile, empty, and worthless idols. Thank God Moses interceded for them!

God has allowed us to enjoy His Presence through the Gospel. He has also called us to reconcile the lost to Him through the glorious Gospel message that God will forgive sin through His Son’s sacrificial death. Let’s be willing vessels to reveal His Presence to the world through the Good News of Jesus Christ!

From Show Us Your Glory, Exodus 33:12-18

Awesome chapter, sad they remove His name.

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