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Guard Against Distraction

Guard Against Distraction

Let your eyes look directly ahead and let your gaze be fixed straight in front of you.— Proverbs 4:25 

King David’s son Solomon had a supernatural weight of divine wisdom that was upon him so heavy that no one, before him or since, has ever been as wise. In today’s verse, Solomon tells us something that is more important than it may seem upon first reading. He is not merely saying we need to keep our focus on what’s in front of us; he is highlighting the extreme importance of guarding ourselves from distraction.

We are continually bombarded with distractions from the outer world, whether it’s the internet, social media, television, or people calling or texting us. On top of that, we’re being distracted by the enemy, who will use any means to get us off course, whether it’s causing us to think about an ungodly thought that leads to death or stirring us to be fearful and anxious. 

In order to guard our eyes, or focus, we need to create a conscious awareness of HaShem in our inner man. Ecclesiastes 2:14 says, “The wise man’s eyes are in his head.” In other words, a wise man is not constantly looking out in the world. A wise man is self-possessed. He is taken up with his internal dialogue with God. As a result of being focused on the Holy Spirit within him, he keeps his eyes in his own head. 

Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you how to keep your eyes in your own head!

Rabbi Kirt A. Schneider, Entering His Presence (Lake Mary, FL: Charisma House, 2023), Used by permission.

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