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God’s Word gives joy

God’s Word gives joy

We all have something that is especially dear to us, that we never want to lose. David’s most costly possession are “God’s testimonies”. He wants to keep them forever, for they are “the joy of his heart”. He wrote the very long Psalm 119 to explain how wonderful God’s Word is, and how central it is to his life.

God’s testimonies give David counsel and they strengthen him in times of sorrow because they help him focus on God and his promises. That is a stable source of joy, no matter how difficult his circumstances are. Reading the Bible can help us to look beyond our present afflictions and see the larger picture of God’s grace and his plan with this world.

Because David so desperately needs God’s Word for keeping him on track, he says that “the law of your mouth is better to me than thousands of gold and silver pieces.” (verse 72)

What is your most costly possession in life?

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