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Getting Down the Basics: God’s Word”

“Getting Down the Basics: God’s Word”

What are the basics of following Christ? Over the next five days, you will discover some things that can help you to grow more like Jesus every day. Today’s focus: God’s Word.

In today’s reading, you will notice that “Your Word” is repeated several times. So what is God’s Word? Well, it’s the book you have been reading from - the Bible. In the Bible, we have God’s Word to us. It’s like a love letter, instruction book, biography, song book and more written for us from a God who wants to know us. The Bible is powerful. Look at your passage again.

This Bible can teach you how to stay out of sin. It can protect you from going back to your old life. In fact, the Bible has been called a light to guide us down the path of life. How do you use this light? Well, you read it every day like you’ve been doing the past week. Also, you listen when people talk about it, like at church or at camp or during a Bible study. You can also memorize it. For example, when you find a verse that speaks to your life, write it down and memorize it like a song lyric.

As you read the Bible today, take some time to pray. Thank God for His word and for the guidance it provides. Ask God to help you discover how to live by studying His word. Maybe you would find a verse or two to memorize out of today’s reading.

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