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Don’t let fear stop you.

Don’t let fear stop you.

Chances are, you have a lot of big things coming up. Graduation. College. A career. Adult stuff. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed—in fact, you might not feel like you know what you’re doing!

Joshua was in the same boat. In the Bible, Moses was the only real leader the Israelites had ever had. He was the GOAT, basically. Joshua was Moses’ assistant. Then, Moses dies, and the entire burden of leading the Israelites was on Joshua. Sounds like a lot of pressure, right?

As God is giving Joshua instructions, He says this three different times:

“Be strong and courageous.”

God knew Joshua had a huge task in front of him. He knew Joshua was probably scared out his mind. But God also knew that He had a plan and that He was going to go with Joshua. That’s why Joshua could be strong and courageous—he knew he had God on his side.

Here’s the cool thing: God will go with you, too. Just like Joshua, God wants you to be strong and courageous as you enter the next season of life.

Whether you’re scared out of your mind to graduate, go to college, or start your career, dealing with an unexpected setback, or simply afraid of the future, God is with you. Just like we talked about on Day 1, you might not get the full blueprint. Even so, we can trust God with our future, knowing His plans are always better than our own.

Finally, know that God cares about you and loves you more than you can comprehend. No matter what life throws at you, God will never leave you nor forsake you. Life changes, but God never changes, and neither does His love for us. So remember this: God’s plan may not always be clear, but it’s always better than you can ask for or imagine. And when you truly know and believe that—you’re ready for anything.

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