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Doing nothing


Return to your rest, O my soul, For the LORD has dealt bountifully with you. PSALM 116:7

The psalmist gives us another example of speaking encouragement to our souls. After being stretched to the point of death with many tears in his affliction, the Lord brought him back to complete health and restored him. And so, he expressed profound thankfulness for the Lord’s salvation.

The Hebrew word is “halal,” meaning exuberant praise. Love for the Lord becomes a part of our hearts when we enter a relationship with Him. We also learn, as the psalmist learned, in the depth of despair and grief, that the Lord is undoubtedly gracious and righteous. He deals with us with mercy and grace on one side and His truth and righteousness on the other.

The only place where righteousness and grace meet is at the Cross of Jesus Christ. Perfect love and holiness kiss each other, and we find rest here. Let’s thank God for His extraordinary goodness in rescuing our souls at the Cross!

From Rejoicing in God’s Salvation, Psalms 116-118

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