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Core Habit #3: Worship and Belong

Core Habit #3: Worship and Belong

Many today think the Christian life is personal—it’s just you and God. The Bible presents a different picture. The focus of the Bible is God creating a community for Himself.

The church isn’t an optional extra. It’s at the very heart of God’s purpose for us. When God changes us, He reorients us vertically (with Himself) and horizontally (with others).

It’s important to take two actions with other believers as part of the church.

  1. Worship together. Never underestimate what happens when God’s people get together to worship. Of course, worship extends beyond Sundays. God calls us to worship Him with our entire lives, but He also calls us to gather and worship with others. It’s one of the most important things we do. The best place to do this is in the weekend worship gathering.

  2. Pursue “one another” relationships in the church. The church is a community and a family at which we get to follow the “one another” commands of Scripture. These commands necessitate relationships in which we intentionally serve each other. We need others, and they need us as well. The best place to practice the “one another” commands is in small gatherings, often called small groups.

If you’re already part of a good church, engage. Show up. Be intentional. Engage fully, expecting God to grow you as you participate in the life of that church.

If you’re not yet part of a good church, look for a church that preaches the Bible, talks about what Jesus did, gives you opportunities to grow, embodies a healthy culture, and is close to where you live so you can participate. Ask God to lead you to the church He desires for you. Ask friends or search online directories to find a church near you. Find service times and make time to attend a church near you this week.

We’re not meant to live the Christian life on our own. We’re to be part of his family. Find and enjoy a church that will allow you to worship God with others and belong.

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