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Core Habit #2: Tips on Speaking with God

Core Habit #2: Tips on Speaking with God

Today, I’d like to encourage you to see prayer not as something you’re adding but as a way to manage some of the stress and complexity in your life. Don’t see it as another thing. See it as a way to shift some of your stress to God.

Casting our anxieties on God is a good thing. Don’t try to carry them—even the small ones—yourself. He is big enough to handle whatever is on your mind. Besides, He cares for you. How great is that?

Peter tells us that if we don’t give our anxieties to God, it’s a form of pride. It shows that we think we can handle our lives without God’s help. It’s far better to admit the truth. We all need God’s help. The good news? He’s willing to give us that help.

Jared Wilson says that prayer is like spilling our guts to God.

Today, I’d like to ask you to try an experiment.

Step 1: List five things you’re stressed, worried or thinking about. Write or draw them to get them off your mind.

Step 2: Give these things to God. Pray about them. Cast your anxieties on Him.

Step 3: If you catch yourself stressed or worrying about them later, gently give yourself permission to give them back to God. Experiment with managing your daily life through prayer.

Don’t try to make yourself presentable to God as you pray today. Come as a child. Bring your messiness and neediness to God. Remind yourself that He cares for you and that He loves to hear from you. He welcomes us, and He’s powerful enough to meet our needs.

Today, speak with God in heartfelt prayer. Tell God what’s on your mind. He loves when we talk to Him in prayer. Just keep praying.

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