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Birds, Sawdust, and What They Have to Do with Us

Birds, Sawdust, and What They Have to Do with Us

Jesus continues to teach us what a Kingdom person looks like, and in this section, He gets really practical with some everyday examples. 

Birds. We’ve seen them flying in formation or, perhaps, straight into our window . . . but, I’m willing to bet you’ve never seen a bird farming or scurrying up and down the aisles of the grocery store, grabbing food from shelves in a panic. Why? Simply put, they don’t have to. They are able to scavenge and hunt, finding resources and using instincts that are readily available to them. They don’t sit there and worry about the worms; they just go catch them early in the morning (or so the saying goes).  

Jesus challenges us to think about this in light of the truth that we are much more valuable to God than the birds. He provides for us more directly and gracefully because He is our Father in heaven

As Kingdom people, we get to live into that truth. Because God’s got us, we have peace in a world that’s full of anxiety. We are marked by the special assurance that comes from knowing who God is and who we are to Him. He delights in taking care of us. It’s not a burden for God to bless us and keep us; it’s a natural result of who He is—a good, strong Dad.

Because we have this peace and assurance from God, we don’t need to waste or forfeit our time and energy judging others. Think about it. We usually judge, mock, or make fun of others in order to cover for some insecurity in ourselves. Jesus says when we do that, it’s like pointing out a little speck of sawdust in someone else’s eye while in reality you are walking around like Pinocchio with a big, ol’ plank sticking out of your face! Don’t be Pinocchio! Kingdom people learn to bring our insecurities to God and allow Him to remind us who we are to Him. From that place, we can share effectively with others because our motive shifts. We aren’t picking on them with a judgment mentality; we are loving them with a Kingdom mentality. Remember, Jesus launched the Kingdom and everyone is invited in.

Challenge: In your journal, write down who you are to God. Find some Scriptures to help you remember, and add them to your list. The next time you’re tempted to be anxious, refer back to the truth, and lean into the security of your identity in Him!

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