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Beginning with Him

Carolina Sandell Berg knew how to write music filled with spiritual impact. She gained this sensitivity through the influence of her father, a leader in revivals that swept through Sweden during the nineteenth century.
One of her most beloved hymns was called “I With Thee Would Begin.” Here she described why it was important to begin each day with God by praying, reading His Word, and filling our minds with His promises. These principles also are true for the new year.
This dedication points us in the right direction. But we also need to stay in communion with Him, continually conscious of His presence. Remember the truths in His Word. This foundation can help transform us, so others can see the difference He makes. They will desire to know Him more intimately for themselves and find refuge in Him.
Having begun with Him, we need to close each day with Him. This allows Him to give us perspective, to remind us of what we have learned. It also helps us realize how to rest in His presence and give us His peace in every situation.
These are principles to remember today and throughout this new year. Commit every project to God. Stay in communion with Him. Pray and seek His presence. Ask Him for discernment and wisdom. Make your relationship with Him the foundation of your life. Begin and end with Him.
Reflection Question: How can you practically plan to begin and end each day with God?

Father, I begin this day with You. Guide me today and throughout the coming year. I trust in You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Today's Bible Reading

Psalm 5