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Be still



There have been times that I have heard God speak, moved into position awaiting further instructions, and heard nothing for a very long time. There are also times when God has given me a promise, and it came upon me before I had time to digest it all. There is a purpose for times like this and times when it has taken years to walk into God’s promise over my life.

I remember being young and single in one season of my life. I was very single, the kind of single where there isn’t a possible suitable mate in sight. I knew that marriage had been spoken over my life many years ago, so I carried this promise with me. I never doubted God’s plan for my life, but I did turn over every rock looking for it. Sometimes I was so afraid that I would miss God by not dating. I would worry if I dismissed someone too quickly, even when the person didn’t feel right for me. I didn’t want to miss God, so I continued to search through his silence.

I am sure many of the choices I made during those silent times, trying to “assist God,” may have delayed God’s promise for my life. I made choices that caused me to experience more heartache than God planned for me on this journey. Like Sarah, I thought God needed my help. Instead of fully experiencing the “still places” God set for me, I tried to help God and speed up the process.

Looking back, I see where those “still places” prepared me for where I am now. Those still places taught me faith and perseverance and allowed me to experience some things I needed to go through to get to where I am now. I have been married seven years now, and in my heart, I know this is the place God destined for me.

What do you do in the time between God laying a promise in your heart or speaking it over your life and the moment you walk into it? You pause. You prepare. You wait. You allow God to work in and through you. God knows what you will need for the destination ahead, and I believe he prepares you in the “still places.” While we think God has forgotten about us, he’s doing his most important work in these quiet times.

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