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Be Different

Be Different

You were created to be a world changer, but God can’t use you to change the world if you’re just like everyone else. It’s so easy to just go with the flow. To say, do, and even think the same things as everyone else. God created us to be different and as Christians, He’s given us a new mindset so that we don’t even think the same. God wants us to see the world the way He sees the world. He wants us to think the way He thinks, but God’s way isn’t always the popular way. 

Sometimes people will try to make you feel bad for being different. Lots of people waste years of their lives trying to fit in, too scared to be different because they don’t want to disappoint people. But God created us to be different and when we think the way He thinks, we make Him proud. When we start doing things His way, He can use us to make an impact in the world. He created us to take the unpopular road, to say the uncommon things, and to do the things no one else is willing to do. 

Don’t be the person trying to be just like everybody else. There's something special about you. You were created to stand out! 

Pray: Heavenly Father, thank you for making me different. Thank you for all the ways you made me unique. Help me to see my uniqueness the way you see it. Help me to value the unique qualities I have. Thank you for giving me a new mindset and making me a new person. I want you to use me to change the world, even if it means I stand out in a crowd. 

Do: Make a list of all the ways you’ve been picked on or bullied for being different. Think of ways you can use each thing on your list to help others and to make God famous. 

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