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Adding pictures of property

There is a lot that needs to be done. Trees need to be removed. I have to do a survey but I don't know what kind of survey the county wants yet so I'm waiting on that.

County has changed what I was originally told this is r4 zoning but now they're saying I might not be able to put for structures there.

Not going to be able to build what we wanted to build on there because it would run up to 1.2 million dollars and these are simple units but due to the price of lumber not going to be able to do it.

So I'm working with a mobile home company to get some mobile homes to put on there was aiming for four but depends on what the county says.

Also depends on how good our fundraising goes and if we're able to get the loan that we are trying to get to get it all done at once, otherwise we're going to have to do it in phases which will take us longer. But God is good he is able to do all things and I trust him to supply if this is what he wants done here.

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