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A Life Marked By Obedience To God

Amazes me that they don't connect the fact that he was a Jew and followed the Torah! What did he teach Torah there was nothing else then, no new Testament.

A Life Marked By Obedience To God

Is my life marked by obedience to God?

We talk so much about worship, and being close to God, and how much God wants to help you in your life, and about our love for God, that obedience can be pushed into the background. Obedience – it sounds like an Old Testament concept, doesn’t it?

But Jesus is reminding you today that the way you know how much you love Him is by how much you obey Him.

As you think back over the past months and your relationship with the Lord, ask yourself, ‘When God has convicted me, or guided me, or challenged me to make something a part of my life, or called me to do something, how have I responded to Him? Has the pattern of my life been obedience or disobedience?’ Do I respond in faith… or resist in fear?

What does your answer show you about your love for God? How can you deepen your love for Him? What could you change about your life that would please God? 

written by JOHN NORTH

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