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A busy life

Do you ever feel that life is so busy that you don’t even have time to pray? That even though you genuinely long to spend more time with God and to live everyday life in His peace, you keep postponing it only after your day is less busy and your life is in order? Rest assured, you are not alone!

But what if we just need to see it the other way around: once we start praying more, then we will have more of His peace in our everyday lives. Once we invite God in our everyday busyness, He can change our habits and patterns to the point that we live a life in constant prayer. And once we cover our days in prayer and see things from His perspective, our lives won’t feel that chaotic and busy anymore.

Prayer is not meant to be the end-result of a peaceful life in order, but the starting point and pathway to a life lived in the Lord’s peace. Life can be hard or easy, busy or peaceful, boring or joyful, but we can and should always choose to pray.

Where and how do we start? We’ve seen a tremendous impact in our lives when we adopted two simple methods that helped us be focused in prayer: keeping a ‘praylist’ and setting up reminders. That may be all it takes to make prayer a habit and see how our lives will be transformed when we let the Lord work in us daily.

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