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What We Do:

Our vision is to have a central location where North Marion Country residents can come for help of any kind. I wish to bring representatives from all help agencies here to Hope Outreach at least once a week.

I would like to bring mental health services here and substance abuse counseling here weekly as well.

This goal has not been achieved as none will come up here when I request. So far only community services has offered to send someone to do a workshop. It’s ok I find out the resources and share with those who need it, then they must find a way to Ocala to be able to apply.

  • Senior Services/Transportation

  • Tobacco Free Florida has meetings here if you sign up

  • Health Department (working with Heart of Florida in Reddick, where I take the clients)

  • Emergency Housing (Joint office on homelessness)

  • Mental Health Services ( I can refer to many but Meridian & Life stream has been the best one)

  • Food Stamps (we are partner with them, fax, computer available for use)

  • Work Force Agency (jobs are available now 04/30/21)

  • Early Learning Coalition (kids)

  • and others …

Currently, we offer :

  • Emergency Food,

  • dog food

  • Narcan Distribution

  • Cat litter when available

  • computer use

  • Help getting into a Detox and Rehab program Free,

  • a clothes closet,

  • hygiene products,

  • diapers,

  • Referral to SOAR Program helps for Disability help

  • Info on programs that are offered by the county

  • Debt Relief  Class,

  • Budgeting Class,

  • Faxing

  • Information on local programs open (Ocala)

  • Computer Use (ask us)

  • Forms filled out (more than 1 page we require a donation)

  • Free books & Bibles when in stock

  • Resume creation and Printing

  • Study online using computer or WIFI(must schedule times)

  • Small Group meetings on Tuesday (must sign up week before)

In Addition, We Are Able To Make Referrals For:

  • Spiritual counseling

  • Parenting classes

  • Career training

  • Drug prevention

  • Housing services

  • Teen & pregnancy issues

  • Child & spousal abuse issues

  • Domestic Violence

  • If you need help with something we can help you!! …and more

  • We work with adults, children, teens, seniors, veterans, the disabled, and the homeless in our area, in short, anyone who needs a hand-up.

  • If you can donate and or become a sponsor, it would help us a great deal.

  • If everyone helps we can change the lives of many!
    The needs are many in North Marion County.

  • We are on you can see where the money goes

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