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Fundraiser For Housing

We see that there is no housing in our area and when there is it is very expensive.

Most of our clients are on social security or disability and can’t afford rent at the current rates. We are aiming to create housing they can afford.

You can help make this happen by shopping our store and making donations specific to our housing project.

Your donation goes to keeping us open serving the community.

Now that times will get harder, those who can help can change lives.

All financial donations welcomed on our website all are tax deductible too.

Donations will be used to create housing in our community, you can specify what you want to donate to just send us a note. If you have issues with our donation page send us a check, we mail you a receipt. Thanks for helping!

Every amount counts we need your help today and every month.

Thanks for visiting,

Rose Vidal, founder

Please share with those with a heart to help. PS. We accept RV’s, cars, boats and other items we can sell or donate to fund our housing mission.

If you are an investor, contractor or you can donate labor or materials please contact us as we already have a lot purchased for this project.

If you are an investor contact us we are looking to borrow 90k for this project at 3% or lower at 700 a month. 

To donate securely. Click the link below for our square page, it's what we use in the store.

Everyone Needs A Home


We are working to build transitional/affordable housing for our community.

Seems more and more the developers are building for the rich and forgetting everyone else. 

We can rebuild and repair with your help!

Have a home or mobile home you want to donate? call us!  (scroll down for update section)

Project Details

We have one property that we are housing 2 but we are in need of funding to place another mobile home on a lot we have next to it. We would like to house more and at the same low rental fee. We are not able to do free housing if we wish to help many others. Transitional housing is the best way to help many. We are looking to do rooms as many cant afford all the costs of renting a home. However, we have not found a home in our area big enough and at a reasonable cost for us to buy or rent.

If you have a heart to help with housing, an investor or just have a good heart real estate is the best investment always comes back up. Contact Rose 352-502-1495.


Click picture to see video

Because we were given the wrong information by the city, we are not able to put a quad there. Long story, you who have dealt with the city or county know my problems. Most of their rules contradict each other, and since I don't have a builder and I am doing this in phases it is much harder for me.

We will be putting a double wide mobile home there and use it to house women & children. We are starting the fundraiser this month to raise money to start, with your help and your sharing our mission we know God will touch hearts to be part of this first project. We would like to build but the cost is too high right now.

thanks for your donations!

You may donate items to the store as well as in kind donations and part of that income goes to the housing and daily operations of the outreach. 

Rod Myers will be helping clean up the lot. Trees and other things that need to be removed.

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